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Salford Children's Services Procedures Manual Salford City Council website

4.2.1 Adoption Register Referral


This chapter has been fully reviewed and updated October 2013 in line with the Adoption Agencies (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2013, which came into force on 1 July 2013. Key changes are the timescales around the referring of the matter to the Register.

For children:

The child's details should be passed to the Adoption Register if no locally identified match is being actively pursued immediately after the decision by the Agency Decision Maker (Adoption) that the child should be placed for adoption, and, in any event, at the latest by 3 months.

The responsibility for making the referral will be held by the Team Manager who is aware of the circumstances of the case. The family finding options will have been considered and this will have been discussed with the family placement worker responsible for family finding. The Team Manager will liaise with the appropriate administration officer to ensure that CoramBAAF Form CPR (part 1) on the child will be sent to the Register.

For adopters:

Prospective adopters' details must be passed to the Adoption Register immediately after their approval, and in any event no later than three months (if they consent) where a child has not been identified for placement with them.

The responsibility for making these referrals will be held by The Adoption Team Manager (Louise Lewis) who will liaise with the appropriate administration officer to ensure that CoramBAAF Form PAR (part 1) is sent to the Register.

Removal from the Register:

Children and adopters will be removed from the register following linking at Adoption and Permanence Panel and Agency Decision. This task will be undertaken by the Panel administrator who will send the appropriate forms to the Register.