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3.2.11 Review of Outside Placements


Approving the use of an Outside Placement (Independent Foster Agency or Residential) Procedure


This chapter was updated in October 2015 to reflect updated Salford processes and procedures.


  1. Prioritising Reviews
  2. Procedures

1. Prioritising Reviews

All externally commissioned placements for looked after children are subject to a commissioning review by the Placement Finding Team. The timetable for review is triggered by different factors and at the most are on a 2 yearly cycle.

If a young person moves out of the placement and another is admitted the procedure starts again from the date the new young person is admitted.

Priority for a commissioning review will be given to residential placements in the following circumstances:
  1. Where issues have been raised with the Placement Finding Team regarding the quality of care or management of a placement. Review ASAP;
  2. Where the latest inspection report is showing areas deemed to be inadequate but we have decided to continue using. Review ASAP;
  3. The organisation has not been used by Salford before. Review within 6 months of admission;
  4. The provision is new so no inspection report is available. Review within 6 months of admission;
  5. The young person placed in the provision has not had an allocated Social Worker for a significant part of the year (6 months or more). Review ASAP;
  6. Where a child is placed in a new unit with an existing provider. Review within 6 months of admission.

Independent Foster Agencies are reviewed on an agency level which considers individual foster placements.

2. Procedures

Procedure Person Responsible
Senior Commissioning Manager allocates placement review to Commissioning Manager with a date for expected completion and presentation at review panel. Senior Commissioning Manager
Commissioning Manager, with support from Information & Monitoring Officer, updates placement file, considers latest Ofsted, last 3 x Reg 44's, Location Assessment, Statement of Purpose (residential) and Ofsted, foster care reviews, foster carer feedback (IFA). Commissioning Manager/ Information & Monitoring Officer
Commissioning Manager requests feedback from professionals working with the young person. This might include Starlac, Children's Rights, SEN, Independent Reviewing Officer, Social Worker. Commissioning Manager
Feedback form issued to young person and family (if social worker agrees this is appropriate). Commissioning Manager
Visit arranged with placement to carry out review. Consideration should be given to physical environment, checking paperwork, discussion with staff and young people and raising any issues which other professionals have highlighted. Commissioning Manager
Review report emailed to Senior Commissioning Manager 1 week before the review panel. File should be updated at this point. Commissioning Manager
File audit completed. Missing documents addressed at review panel. Senior Commissioning Manager
Review panel takes place. Actions recorded. Agree schedule for next review. Agree communication of concerns/ issues, if any. Senior Commissioning Manager/ Commissioning Manager
Provider letter emailed securely with clear timetable for any actions.  
Update file, sign off review and inform Admin Officer of completed review.  
Schedule next review and update spreadsheet.