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4.1.7 Review and Visiting Approved Adopters


  1. Introduction
  2. Visiting Following Approval by Adoption and Permanence Panel
  3. Review One Year Following Approval
  4. Two Years Following Approval

1. Introduction

It is important that adopters, at the time of assessment and approval, are aware of the support they will receive whilst awaiting matching and placement and that this is offered consistently throughout the team. With this in mind the following should be considered as the minimum visiting pattern for these adopters.

2. Visiting Following Approval by Adoption and Permanence Panel

A visit should be made to adopters within 3 months of this date, and every 3 months thereafter, whilst awaiting placement. A visit report should be completed, dated and signed and put on the adopters file. This should be completed on the "supervision notes regarding adopters" form.

At this stage adopters can be referred to the National Register and this should be discussed and written consents obtained.

Referral to the register should then be made by sending CoramBAAF PAR, which can be done electronically through the appropriate member of the administrative team. At this point the adopters will also be activated as "available" on the regional Adoption22 CHARMS website.

3. Review One Year Following Approval

A review should take place to ensure that the prospective adopters remain suitable to adopt. A visit should be made to discuss specifically how the applicant (s) are coping with the wait for a placement and to advise them about all unsuccessful matches they have been considered for and explanation as to why this was the case. As having to wait this period of time is likely to have been frustrating for the applicant(s) it will be helpful to discuss their original matching criteria and how these may be helping or hindering the matching process as this may provide applicant(s) with the opportunity to rethink some of these issues.

Any significant change of circumstances should be discussed and noted including:

  • Family circumstances;
  • Economic circumstances;
  • Work commitments;
  • Health issues (medical update is needed if 2 years old);
  • Update of Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks (which should be renewed when they are more than 2 years old).

The "Review of Adopters Waiting for Placement" report should be completed and discussed with a Team Manager, Adoption and Permanence. Where necessary the Team Manager will advise as to whether there are matters that should be brought to the attention of Panel.

If the review considers that the prospective adopters remain suitable this should be recorded on the review form and put on file.

A letter should be sent by the Team Manager to the adopters advising them of their continued suitability.

If there are any changes with regards to the applicants matching criteria then the CoramBAAF "Pro-forma for Matching" should be amended and amendments should be made to CHARMS.

If the review considers that the prospective adopters are no longer suitable the family placement worker should:

  • Prepare a report to panel, stating the reasons why;
  • Advise the adopters of these reasons and the fact that the matter is to be referred back to the Adoption and Permanence Panel;
  • Give the adopters a copy of the report and request that any written comments are received within 10 working days of being provided with the report.

Having made a recommendation the final decision is made by the Agency Decision Maker and, as with initial approval; adopters may request a review of their case by the Independent Review Panel or request that their case be reconsidered by the Adoption and Permanence Panel.

4. Two Years Following Approval

A visit should be made to discuss the above and frank discussion should take place regarding the reasons why an applicant(s) has not been matched. There may be very sound reasons for this e.g. applicants may be waiting for a child with a specific ethnic background in which case there should be no reason not to re-approve. However, in some cases this wait may be the result of the matching limitations and the likelihood of being able to match in the near future should be discussed in order that consideration can be given to extending these or, in some cases, withdrawing approval

In all cases, applicants will be required to have new:

  • C.R.B. checks if these are more than 2 years old;
  • Update medicals;
  • Personal referees should be revisited;
  • Form F Part 1 should be re-written;
  • Part 2 should be amended accordingly.

These reports, together with the file should be given to a Team Manager, Adoption and Permanence and, in some cases, a visit from the Manager may be appropriate.

Applicants should again see and sign their amended/updated PAR. They will be entitled to attend Panel who will consider their re-approval.

If there are any changes in respect of their approval status or matching considerations these should be given to the appropriate adoption administrative officer who will amend the details on the National Register and CHARMS.