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Salford Children's Services Procedures Manual Salford City Council website

1.2.1 Thresholds of Need and Response in Salford

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The Thresholds of Need and Response in Salford is a guide for practitioners and managers.

Thresholds of need have been developed to promote early identification of concerns by universal services and early help for children. It provides the framework in Salford for the specialist and targeted assessments and interventions described in this manual.

The Thresholds of Need and Response in Salford is a multi-agency tool and supports practitioners working in partnership with children, young people, their families and colleagues from other agencies. Practitioners should always use their professional judgement and take into account the age of the child, context of the situation and any protective and resilience factors.

There are four levels that take into account the different stages of need and types of intervention which are available to all children and their families. Children can move across the levels at different times in their lives, or at different times during agencies' contact with them. Support and/or intervention may be provided on either a single or multi-agency basis to address the identified needs of the child.

To assist managers and practitioners/workers, there is a table of possible indicators which contains some examples of the type of situation that would be found within each of the levels of need.

The service response will be directed at reducing risk and vulnerability and meeting needs at the appropriate level of intervention. The availability of, and access to, effective early intervention and preventive services is essential to achieving this. Where necessary to safeguard a child from harm, the Thresholds of Need and Response in Salford also facilitates the rapid escalation of concerns so that action is taken at the earliest opportunity to protect a child from harm.

To find out more, read the full version of the Thresholds of Need and Response in Salford.